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Babies (0 - 7mths)

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Mixed Ages 0-5yrs

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Looking for a music experience with a twist? Come join a Generations class!  Generations has the same goal as our regular Mixed -Ages Music Together classes but the twist is with "Musical Grandfriends" who want to participate in all the fun.  This class is held in senior living facilities and children (birth to 5) attend with the adults who love them. Through singing, dancing, musical play and instrument exploration,  families enjoy the same delightful community music making while adding the layer of building relationships with the participating seniors that attend.  This beautiful exchange occurs naturally within a 45 minute music and movement class. Making music together connects people like no other activity and bridges the gap to bring together joy, laughter and Generations.

Rhythm Kids Level One 4 -6 year olds

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Ukulele Class (ages 7 and older)

8 Week Session - Children's Ukulele Lessons - Ages 7 yrs old and up ( Parents invited)

Our Ukulele classes are fun and an easy first instrument to learn  Within our first lesson we will help your child to play chords and sing along to songs.  Each week we build on adding new chords and expand their repertoire of well known folk songs. At the end of the winter and spring session we hold a concert for family and friends (cost included in tuition).  This is a wonderful opportunity to show off the skills learned in class and a great way to build confidence for singing in public.

  • The Ukulele is a playful 4 stringed instrument that's just the perfect size for your child to play and grown ups too!  It is a cool and popular instrument that is currently taking the world by storm, easy to play and easy to sing along to.
  • A perfect instrument to carry anywhere - vacation, the beach, to the park or just in you own back yard!  Your child or you can jam along with friends on guitar or any instrument.  
  • Ukulele's are very affordable and durable ( ranging between $25 - $100).  PWe are happy to assist you with resources to purchase your Uke!
  • Best practice starts at age 6 - being able to read is helpful as well as sitting for a 20-30 min class and at home practice.
  • Tuition:

    8 week session - lessons are  $20.00 per class (half hour group lesson) - a maximum number of 5 students. Accompanying Parent or siblings pay $15 per class. Each student must have their own Ukulele. 

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