The Classroom Experience

Creating Musical Experiences


 Babies Classes

Designed as a one semester introduction for newborns to 8 months. Parents/Caregivers are essential role models in music making with babies through song, dance, fingerplay and rhythmic chants. Come gurgle, coo and learn how to "play musically" with your baby. Understand your infant's musical development, the benefits of early exposure and how to use music to stimulate and calm your baby.  At home music materials are included and designed to educate parents and caregivers in understanding how infants develop in making expressive sounds and techniques to promote sound-play and sound - movement.

Mixed-age Classes (newborn - Age 5)

Free from the expectation to perform, children can discover the process of musical expression at their own developmental pace and in their own learning style. Classes are 45 minutes and focus on developmentally appropriate music making for children in "primary music development".  The curriculum is designed to support children on the pathway to Basic Music Competency.  The music repertoire inlcudes activities that are accessible, interesting and fun. Our focus on adult/child interaction creates an environment in which the whole family learns how to "play musically" together. This is a great atmosphere that enables siblings to attend together and promotes family music making.  Learn to appreciate your child's musical expression, how to enhance musical development and ideas to use music in your daily routines to support your child's natural enthusiasm towards music making.

Music Together Big Kids Classes (Ages 5 to 7)

Parents often ask when their child is ready to take formal music instruction.  The Big Kids curriculum is designed to complete a child's path towards Basic Music Competency and lay the foundation for Basic Music Literacy.  This 60 minute class  is for children in "secondary music development" who are ready for activities that satisfy the fun loving and challenge-ready nature of this age group.  Children will be provided with opportunities to develop leadership, confidence building and social interactions with peers.  The curriculum provides structured activities including conducting, solo and ensemble experiences, folk dances, game songs, improvisation, music-reading, readiness and solfege.  Children must be 5yrs of age at start of semester.  Parents or caregivers have the option to attend and participate for the full 60 minute class.   Parent/Caregiver attendance will be required for the first and last class as well as the last 10 minutes of every class.  Younger siblings over 5 mths do not attend.

Materials include a family songbook, set of Homeplay pages, set of Tonal Solfege cards and 2 CD's.  Music materials are the current Music Together collection but have been modified.

Parent/Caregiver Role

Regardless of thier own musical abilities, adults are encouraged as role models to participate and create essential live music making experiences to foster children's musical growth. Come rediscover the joy and magic of music making while nurturing your child's love of music and movement.

Community Music Making

How many opportunities do we have to become the "music makers" instead of the "music consumers"? Self expression is nutured through the repetition of rhythmic chant, singing, large/small movement and instrumental exploration. Children's work is play - improvisation, humor and fun are built in components of our program!   Adults and children build their musical vocabulary for sound and movement and add new songs to their repertoire. Our non formal environment gives children and adults the opportunity to practice live music making. We invite families to be guided in discovering the value of spontaneous musical play in their daily lives!