Happy Home Workshop with Joan Law

Happy Home Workshop

Having a happy home means more time to spend with your family this summer !

MTMN is teaming up with Joan Law, of Feng Shui Joan's Way.  

I am truly excited to share this workshop with you!  Joan and I have worked together many times, she has helped me from the time my daughter was little with play spaces, toys & books, through downsizing into college dorms. She has helped me with home offices for myself and my husband, paper piles, the flow of our home and really looking at if my household items make our home happy and calm. It is definitely a work in progress.  I have learned that as my life and family change, so should my home. 

Recently we were discussing how our home environment is now a hub for so much more because we have been in quarantine. Home schooling, home offices, stocking up of food, essentials, craft supplies, pets, games and toys.  In addition, the amount of time the whole family is in the house multiplying the use of the space daily.  This conversation led to the idea that we can fill a need for families - thus this workshop.  I would like you to have an opportunity to work with Joan virtually because I know first hand what it is like to juggle wanting to have a clean, organized home, time with my family where I am not thinking I should be doing something else and an environment that speaks to a happy, calm family unit.

You will receive a Private Invitation to our Zoom workshop with your registration for our Summer 7 week Music Together session on or before June 29th.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 30th @ 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm - it will be recorded if you cannot attend, however if you do attend you can bring your questions about your spaces to the workshop.

Discussion Topics:

Tips for reducing the number of toys or household items

Common sense approach to clearing clutter in play areas, home office, kitchen, bedrooms, closets - any area of your home

Figure where to start – what is your problem area and how are you using it

The power of less can bring you more time, more freedom, more fun!


Joan has 22 years of experience, is a mom of 4 kids and 2 fur babies, and has over 25 Five Star Google reviews. Learn more about her at Feng Shui Joan's Way  or visit her FB page @FengshuiJoansWay