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Babies (0 - 7mths)

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Mixed Ages 0-5yrs

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Music, Muffins & Babies - Babies under 8 mths

Join us for an hour of joyous fun, bonding and education for you and your baby.  

We will start with a 35 minute music and movement experience.  Did you know your baby is "wired" to notice an follow your voice, and when she hears you singing with others, she works to attend to YOUR voice in the mix? Did you know mindful touch has multiple benefits: it enhances your baby's physical and neurological development; improves his blood flow and circulation; promotes longer and sounder sleep? Activities such as singing and purposeful touch will be incorporated with music and you will receive a 5 song CD so you can enjoy what you have learned at home.

The second 25 minutes you can meet and mingle with other families. Talk about your experiences and make some new friends! This class is for infants 8 months and younger.  No older siblings please.


Looking for a music experience with a twist? Come join a Generations class!  Generations has the same goal as our regular Mixed -Ages Music Together classes but the twist is with "Musical Grandfriends" who want to participate in all the fun.  This class is held in senior living facilities and children (birth to 5) attend with the adults who love them. Through singing, dancing, musical play and instrument exploration,  families enjoy the same delightful community music making while adding the layer of building relationships with the participating seniors that attend.  This beautiful exchange occurs naturally within a 45 minute music and movement class. Making music together connects people like no other activity and bridges the gap to bring together joy, laughter and Generations.

Rhythm Kids Level One 4 -6 year olds

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Rhythm Kids Ages Level 2 K - 2nd Grade

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