Music Together Babies Class

Babies love music. It's no surprise you may already be singing lullabies to your baby, gently rocking to calm or bouncing them to play. Our Babies class is a first introduction to musical activities for newborns and non crawlers 7 mths and under. Parents/Caregivers are the most important musical role models to guide baby towards playful, stimulating activities as well as create bonding moments. Learn about your infants musical development, now to initiate musical play as well as to respond to musical sounds and movements you baby is expressying.

Did you know that your baby is "wired" to notice and follow your voice, and when she/he hears you singing with others, works to attend to YOUR voice in the mix? Did you know mindful/purposeful touch has multiple benefits, it enhances your baby's physical and neurological development, improves blood flow and circulation and promotes longer and sounder sleep?

Understand your infant's musical development, the benefits of early exposure and how to use music to stimulate, socialize and soothe your baby. At home music materials are included and designed to educate parents and caregivers in understanding how infants develop in making expressive sounds and techniques to promote sound-play and sound - movement. 

Meet other parents, share milestones, sing, dance and play - together! 

Introductory Winter, Spring & Fall Tuition $200.00 - 10 week semester with at home music materials (multiple siblings attend free with one registered sibling)

Introductory Summer Tuition $130.00 - 6 week semester with at home music materials

Babies Only Class Spring Schedule

Babies Only Class Summer Schedule