Babies Only Class

First Child - New Family

First Child-Returning Family

First Sibling

Additional Siblings

Siblings Under 8mths 

6 Week Summer $130 $170 $150 $80 $30 Free
11 Week Fall $215 $269 $249 $145 $55 Free

8 Week Fall Generations

  $150   $150 $45 Free Free


** For Families who have one child in Rhythm Kids and siblings in Mixed Ages an additional material fee will apply. Please contact Julie before registering.

* Rhythm kids may purchase a drum with their tuition for an additonal $26.00.


  • 6 or 11 Weekly 45 minute Class  - Unlimited Bonus and Makeup Classes Space Pending.
  • 1 Copy of the current collection CD and a download access code of the Song Collection we are working on to make every day a musical day. Music Together has 9 collections rotating over 3 years.
  • A beautifully illustrated Songbook filled with song pictures, activities to do at home and an outline of foundation of the Music Together Philosophy.
  • Music and Your Child  - A Guide for Parents and Caregivers - given to all NEW families.
  • Growth and Development Chart.
  • Semi-annual Family Newsletter and access code the the NEW "Family Music Zone" on our national website.
  • Weekly Parent Education to help parents enhance and understand their child's musical development, inspire ideas to use music activities at home, help parents to cultivate a "toolbox" of musical parenting skills and learn new, fun "diaper bag" songs to take with you everywhere!
  • Access to The Family Music Zone online - site give you access to download your music to your app and fun engaging activities to do with your child.  Parent education and research about the importance of early childhood education.
  • Access to "Hello Everbody" App and a special code to download your music to your devices through the app.

No REFUNDS or CREDITS after Semester has started