Tuition 18

10 week Semester

New Family Tuition is for NEW families to Music Together of Monroe Newtown and includes a one time, non refundable Family Registration Fee

Return Family Tuition is for families who have participated with Music Together of Monroe/Newtown in any semester prior 



  • 10 Weekly 45 minute Class 
  • 1 Copy of the current collection CD and a download access code of the Song Collection we are working on to make every day a musical day. Music Together has 9 collections rotating over 3 years.
  • A beautifully illustrated Songbook filled with song pictures, activities to do at home and an outline of foundation of the Music Together Philosophy.
  • Music and Your Child  - A Guide for Parents and Caregivers - given to all NEW families.
  • Growth and Development Chart.
  • Semi-annual Family Newsletter and access code the the NEW "Family Music Zone" on our national website.
  • Weekly Parent Education to help parents enhance and understand their child's musical development, inspire ideas to use music activities at home, help parents to cultivate a "toolbox" of musical parenting skills and learn new, fun "diaper bag" songs to take with you everywhere!
  • Access to The Family Music Zone online - site give you access to download your music to your app and fun engaging activities to do with your child.  Parent education and research about the importance of early childhood education.
  • Access to "Hello Everbody" App and a special code to download your music to your devices through the app.

No REFUNDS or CREDITS after April 6, 2019

Babies Only Class  (7 mths and under by 4/1/19)

$200.00 - Introductory Tuition for New and Returning Families (one child)

$0 - First Accompanying Siblling under 7 mths

Mixed Ages (birth to 5) 

$250.00 -  New Families (one child): (includes a one time, non refundable family registration fee)

$230.00 -  Return Families (one child)

$130.00  -  Accompanying Sibling (8mths and over by 4/1/19 - Third accompanying sibling FREE

$175.00 - Accompanying Sibling with older sibling in Rhythm Kids

$Free - Infant siblings under 8mths by 1/6/19 attending with enrolled older sibling

Pre Rhythm Kids (4 - 6 ys)Rhythm Kids (K-2nd Grade)

Child must be 4 years old before the start of class. Click on the the links above to learn more about what tuition inlcudes.

$250.00 - One Child with Music Materials and  Djembe Drum included in Tuitiion

$230.00 - Once Child with Music Materials and I have a Drum to bring to class and practice with

$130.00 - Accompanying Sibling  - add 20.00 for Drum

  • 10 weekly, 45 minute classes
  • Songbook with CD & Download code each semester
  • Access to online drum-play videos and other material